/logo_192.png Pachno Version 1.0.6 ("Amethyst")

The open collaboration platform

Pachno is an open collaboration platform for teams of all sizes and locations, with a strong focus on being friendly - both for regular users and power users.

Pachno follows an open development model, and is released under an open source software license called the MPL (Mozilla Public License). This license gives you the freedom to pick up the sourcecode for Pachno and work with it any way you need.

Extend, develop and change Pachno in any way you want, and do whatever you want with the new piece of software (The only thing you cannot do is call your software Pachno). Please do send us your modifications for inclusion in Pachno.

Enjoy using Pachno!

Pachno, Copyright © 2002 - 2022 Pachno team
Licensed under the MPL 2.0, read it at opensource.org.